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Mayrand Plus is now distributing SAVO’s authentic gelato | Mayrand Plus

Mayrand Plus is now distributing SAVO’s authentic gelato
Published Date: 12/05/2022

Gelato company SAVO recently made Mayrand Plus Food Distributor its exclusive distributor. SAVO is extending access to its unique gelato and sorbet offering to the entire province.

Quebec City's Tout Prêt Inc. joins the Mayrand Food Service Group. | Mayrand Plus
Tout Prêt Inc. joins the Mayrand Food Service Group
Published Date : 04/10/2021
Quebec City's Tout Prêt Inc., a specialist in ready-to-use cut fruit and vegetable, joins the Mayrand Food Service Group. Our 100% Quebec companies are joining forces to accelerate the growth of the food service industry dedicated to restaurants.
Balpex | Mayrand Plus

Mayrand Food Service Group, member of Balpex

Date published: 07/06/2021
Balpex assists their members to become the most successful group of Canadian entrepreneurs in the distribution channels of Cleaning and Hygiene, Industrial Packaging and Foodservice Packaging products.
Press Release Mayrand Plus Quebec | Mayrand Food Service Group

Creation of Mayrand Plus Quebec

Date published: 04/23/2021

Mr. Jean Gagné and the management at Mayrand Plus Food Distributor are the proud founders of a new company, Mayrand Plus Québec. Mayrand Plus Québec aims to benefit restaurant owners with local professional service, ensuring that quality shines through the star of every dish and that these creations generate profit.


Inauguration of the New Mayrand Food Depot store in Saint-Jérôme |  Mayrand

New Mayrand Food Depot store in Saint-Jérôme

Date published: 04/07/2021

On April 7, 2021, the management of Mayrand Food Service Group inaugurated the new Mayrand store in Saint-Jérôme in the presence of Ms. Louise Gallant, Mayor of the Municipality of Sainte-Sophie and Mr. Youri Chassin, Member of Parliament for Saint-Jérôme and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of the Economy and Innovation.


Mayrand Food Depot At St Jerome | Mayrand Food Service Group

Grand opening of the 4th Mayrand Food Depot Store in St Jérôme

Date published: 26/02/2021

This new Mayrand Food Depot Store will open on April, 7 of 2021 in the Lower Laurentians. It marks the first branch establishment beyond Greater Montreal.


Mobilizing All Our Employees with the Quebec Restaurant Industry  | Mayrand

Mobilizing All Our Employees with the Quebec Restaurant Industry

Date published: 11/16/2020

This year, we're offering $100 to each of our 600 employees so they can treat themselves to a holiday dinner at home with the restaurant of their choice. This represents an investment of over $60,000 to help support our local restaurant industry.


Grand Opening MayranMayrand Food Service Group

Grand Opening of Our 3rd Mayrand Food Depot Store in Laval

Date published: 10/21/2020

Mayrand Food Depot opened its 3rd store in Laval on Wednesday, October 21, 2020. Mayrand is becoming closer to its customers with this new branch on the North Shore of Montreal, with 36,000ft2 dedicated to food and cookware supplies.


Ian Perreault Partnership | Mayrand Food Service Group

Mayrand Food Service Group Has Partnered with Ian Perreault

Date published: 09/08/2020

We're pleased to announce our partnership with chef and consultant Ian Perreault. Our goal: to provide food service professionals with access to new, locally designed assets that will help their businesses succeed.


Smarter Seafood | Mayrand Foodservice Group

Mayrand Food Depot Allies Itself with Sustainable Fishing

Date published: 08/24/2020 

 Our stores in Anjou, Brossard and Laval are certified “Smarter Seafood” by Exploramer, an organization based in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts in the Gaspésie region. Our goal is to provide Quebecers with access to fish and seafood from sustainable fisheries. 


Mayrand Brossard Opening | Mayrand Foodservice Group

Grand Opening of Mayrand’s 2nd Store in Brossard

Date published: 07/15/2020

Mayrand Food Depot opened its 2nd branch in Brossard, at Mail Champlain, in collaboration with Cominar on Wednesday, July 15, 2020. This is an eagerly awaited project coming to fruition.


Alimplus acquires AOF | Mayrand Food Service Group

Alimplus Food Distribution acquires AOF Food Service

Date published: 01/28/2019

Alimplus announces the acquisition of AOF Food Service ("AOF"), a Quebec leader in the food service industry, based in Drummondville, enhancing its geographic presence in the eastern part of the province.


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