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Mayrand Food Service Group combines expertise in food retail with know-how in food distribution for food service professionals. Its teams share a passion for food and local involvement and have the same growth ambitions as Mayrand’s shareholders.
Mayrand Food Service Group is a Quebec company pursuing a project of the future: direct contribution to Quebec’s food industry.

Creation of the Mayrand Plus Québec company

Mr. Jean Gagné and the management at Mayrand Plus Food Distributor are the proud founders of a new company, Mayrand Plus Québec.

Mayrand Plus will operate a new distribution centre and sales organization in the greater Quebec City area.

The company will serve the many dynamic and diverse restaurant owners in the province’s capital, as well as all food industry professionals, institutions, artisans and businesses.

Opening of the 4th Mayrand Food Depot Store in St Jérôme

The Mayrand Food Service Group will open its 4th Mayrand Food Depot in St Jérôme, on Wednesday April 7, 2021.

This new store in the Lower Laurentians is of great importance in Mayrand's growth strategy. It marks the first branch establishment beyond Greater Montreal.

Mayrand pursues its ambition across Quebec, which is to offer restaurant-quality food products, packaging and kitchen items to everyone, without a membership card.

Mayrand Food Depot is participating in Regroupement Partage’s mission

Our objective is to reduce food insecurity, which has been rising since the beginning of the pandemic.

Regroupement Partage and its 2,000 volunteers will help out in 21 Montreal neighbourhoods, providing quality food to over 48,000 people in need.

This large-scale food aid initiative will take place in December 2020, January and February 2021.

We’ll be having our Christmas party with local restaurants!

Our initiatives are underway:

  • $60,000 invested in December 2020: our 600 Mayrand Group employees received $100 for their Christmas takeout parties at the restaurant or caterer of their choice.
  • As of October 10th, we’ve been promoting 2 restaurants open for take-out every day on our Mayrand Plus Facebook page.
  • We're opening the doors of Mayrand stores to our chefs: the products  Bistro L'Arrivage by Philippe Mollé in Pointe-à-Callière and of H4C restaurant by Dany Bolduc are showcased in The Chefs' Table marketing campaign.

Our actions count; it is through action that we demonstrate our social responsibility

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