Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to bring Quebec producers to the kitchens of our foodservice professionals and to the plates of Quebecers


The force that unites all employees of Mayrand Food Service Group is the fulfilling experience of playing an active role in the quality of Quebec food. At the corporate level, this translates to an organization with complete expertise in food supply, packaging and small equipment, and the ability to make these products directly available to as many Quebecers as possible.

We want to contribute to a healthy Quebec food industry, promote the entrepreneurship of food service professionals and facilitate food autonomy for everyone.

Our Expertise Makes All the Difference | Mayrand Foodservice Groupe

Our Expertise Makes All the Difference

Our know-how in food retail and distribution is based on expertise in all product categories. It is continually enriched over the years through new practices and the quality of our producers' work.

We treat each product fairly. We facilitate market access for small and large producers alike, with all the rigour necessitated by a demanding Quebec economy.

Our local clients must ensure the continuity of their businesses and their profitability, and we must enable them to succeed. We are a 100% Quebecois company. As such, we share the same reality as our local suppliers and customers. We play an active and supportive role in Quebec's large food supply chain.

Our mission is to offer our clients a large variety of superior-quality local ingredients at the best prices

Our 5 values: they represent who we are, and what we want to share with the world

A Few of Our Certifications

Passion for food is at the heart of our leadership