Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Passion at the Heart of Our Leadership


You cannot only be rational when you are a player in the food industry, as this industry is part of our cultural identity. Our passionate experts taste the products we work with every day. Our ecipes and products are chosen with care.

The management team and shareholders of Mayrand Food Service Group share a passion for transforming the food industry into one that drives the Quebec economy.

Our Leaders

Pierre Lapointe

President and CEO, Groupe Mayrand Alimentation

Passion and teamwork, a daily distinction

Pierre Lapointe, who has been with Groupe Mayrand Alimentation since 2019, stands out for his strategic vision, team mobilization and ability to adapt. Since the age of 11, he has been passionate about the food industry. His goal: is to ensure the development and sustainability of the activities of the two divisions of Groupe Mayrand Alimentation, with a single vision: ''To be THE solution in food distribution in Quebec''.

With more than 30 years of experience in operations management, Pierre has the expertise in food retailing and distribution, as well as the leadership needed to ensure that Groupe Mayrand Alimentation maintains a position of choice in the market.

"I think I fell into it like Obelix when I was young! When I do something, I do it with passion." Passion, one of the Group's 5 core values.

icone-Linkedin---pour-signatures-de-courriel.pngPierre Lapointe

Daniel Le Rossignol

Daniel Le Rossignol

Principal Shareholder of Mayrand Food Service Group

Entrepreneurship, the driving force of Quebec.

Daniel Le Rossignol likes to build, to develop business relationships, and to strengthen Quebec businesses (he has already made 12 acquisitions since 2000). He is passionate about food used in the restaurant industry and seeks to create value within our local business community. His goal is to enable customers to succeed. It’s so much more than just selling products.

Over 800 employees work within Mayrand Food Service Group, and therefore over 800 families benefit from the growth of its companies.

"If we want to succeed in developing our Quebec economy, we must be entrepreneurs along with our suppliers, local producers and employees."

icone-Linkedin---pour-signatures-de-courriel.pngDaniel Le Rossignol

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