Mayrand Food Depots

Mayrand Food Depots

Our mission is to be an expert in food distribution, serving our customers throughout Quebec quickly, easily and with customized solutions

  • Find over 15,000 food products, fresh produce, packaging, single-use items, and professional-quality cookware.
  • Four stores, in Anjou, Brossard, Laval and Saint-Jérôme
  • Open to everyone seven days a week, no membership card required
  • An e-commerce service on with the same prices as in stores

Mayrand Food Depot Is:

An online grocery shopping service available 24/7 at

A team of experts in meat, fish, and fruits and vegetables

In-store order pick-up and delivery throughout the Greater Montreal area

Open to everyone, no membership card required

Mayrand Limitée grossiste alimentaire

15,000 products sold by case and by unit, of which over 1,300 are local

Carte privilège membres affaire

The Business Members Program for our professional clients

Our Food Depot Stores in Greater Montreal in Lower Laurentians

Mayrand Anjou | Mayrand Foodservice Group

Mayrand Anjou

9701, boulevard Louis-H.-La Fontaine
Anjou, QC H1J 2A3

Mayrand Laval | Mayrand Foodservice Stores

Mayrand Laval

3615 Autoroute Jean-Noel Lavoie, A-440
Laval H7P 5P6

Mayrand Brossard | Mayrand Foodservice Group

Mayrand Brossard

2151 Boulevard Lapinière, suite S100
Brossard, QC J4W 2T5

Mayrand st-Jérôme | Mayrand Foodservice Stores

Mayrand Saint-Jérôme

400 rue Lamontagne
Saint-Jérôme, J7Y 0E1

© Photo Credits : Audrey Boivin

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